Grassy Creek Waterfall Trail

Near the center of town, and just off Chesnut Grove Church Road,  is the short hiking trail to the Grassy Creek Falls.  This 30 foot waterfall is located on private property.  The property owners have graciously agreed to allow visitors to hike the trail and enjoy the falls. 

     The waterfall is located adjacent to a quarry site once used to mine rock to build the Little Switzerland Tunnel by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the 1930's.  The trail is an old narrow road bed that once served as the main road from Little Switzerland to Spruce Pine.  Now abandoned, this road serves as an easy 1/2 mile hike running slightly downhill, and is clearly marked.  There is one place where hikers must cross a very small creek, so sensible shoes are recommended. 

     To get there, take Hwy 226a in the center of town to Chesnut Grove Church Road and go under the Parkway overpass.  Immediately on your right is the Grassy Creek Falls Road.  Turn right and park at the end of that road. There is a map and directions there.  The road leads goes past a number of private homes so please do not park anywhere but at the end of the road where it meets the Parkway.  Leave your car here and begin your trek. 

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